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Dreamers Club Bootcamp

Dreamers Club

The Dreamers Club 43-week bootcamp teaches our students technical skills and provides them with a certification, but it doesn’t stop there. Our program also focuses on the well-being and success of each student by providing them with a tutor to ensure they graduate from high school, and a mentor to help build their self-confidence.  Most of our students don’t have access to a computer lab at school, because they have grown up in a community with limited  

access to technology which is the reality in 27% of the city school districts in the United States. Our program is designed to reshape the way these kids see themselves and their futures. We provide them with the basic skills they need to develop a strong work ethic, dream their biggest dream, and then accomplish it.  The program focuses on the IT industry because it is the fastest growing industry in the world.  Between the vast number of programming languages and skills  needed to manage a technical project, our program allows students to find their own path to success. Dreamerscorp provides our students with computer science skills, engineering training, college readiness, and certifications to build better futures.

Become A Host Site

Dreamerscorp relies on its partnerships with community organizations to serve as host sites for our Dreamers Clubs. These relationships are vital to the development and credentialing of our next generation of black and brown technology  professionals. And, the benefits to host sites are invaluable!

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Register Your Student

Dreamers Club is a 43-week after school STEM certification program. For youth grades 9-12. Register today.


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