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Our Mission

Building the next generation of black and brown tech professionals.

Youth who are isolated from technological skills training due to where they live and attend school, deserve racially equitable programs. Dreamerscorp solves this problem. We are on a mission to close the educational and economic opportunity gap in tech for black and brown communities. By providing technology and life skills training, we aim to prepare 5 million black and brown individuals to face a dynamic future in coding, cloud computing and project management in our first decade.

Non-white school districts receive 23 billion less IN funding than white school districts despite serving the same number of students.
-EdBuild, 2019

Why This Matters

27% of predominately black high schools teach computer science, 2018

5% of computer science degrees are awarded to African-Americans

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2014

7% of high tech jobs include African Americans and Hispanics

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2014

Building the next generation of black & Brown coders

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