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Diverse Learning Environments

Dreamers Club

 Dreamers club is a after school coding program for grades 9-12.  By spending 2.5 hours after school Monday thru Thursday kids will learn the fundamentals of building native mobile apps for IOS and Android.

Dreamers Code Camp

Dreamers Club students  will come together for a 8-week coding focused summer cap.  They will learn to work in teams in a simulated development environment to build mobile apps that can benefit their community in the following areas; Transportation, Art, Music, Jobs and Education.

Dreamers Code Bootcamp

This 36-Week online bootcamp teaches the skills needed to become entry level mobile developer in an industry that will grow 30 percent in the next decade.

Virtual Hack Academy 

Currently black people have little to no access to coding and technical literacy. At Dreamerscorp we are working diligently to continue identifying creative ways that black people can not only obtain access to technical literacy programs, but use the skills learned to further their lives emotionally, economically and professionally

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Building the next generation of minority coders

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